Similar to MS Project. Available everywhere. Now with AI.

Create project schedules based on Gantt charts, plan costs and track your project's progress with Ingantt.

Plan your project's cost

Set the costs for all types of resources in your project (work, material or cost), apply fixed costs to tasks and see the overall cost of each of your summary tasks.

Create project schedule with Gantt chart

Use your Microsoft Project skills to get started and create a project plan for your project in a much leaner, easier to use tool, yet with the necessary features fully available.

Track your project's progress

Update your project plan as you go with % complete values for your tasks, review your critical tasks and see the overall % complete of your project.

Create schedules everywhere

Schedule your projects with Gantt chart on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and the Web on any device.

Feature Highlights

Open MS Project files

Open your existing .MPP and .XML files created by Microsoft Project or compatible software.

Generate full project plans with AI

Just enter the description of your project and click a button. AI will do the rest.

Edit tasks directly in the Gantt chart

Zoom in and out to get the best view, see the Gantt chart only or list only, use our innovative Edit mode to instantly see your changes to even the most advanced properties.

Edit calendars the way your team works

Enter holidays, vacations, shorter or longer work days in calendars and see how this changes your schedule.

Set task deadlines, constraints and more

All your necessary task properties are here, no compromise. Set specific task calendars, constraints like “No later than”, mark a task as a milestone or set its deadline.

Use all types of resources

Assign work, material or cost resources to your tasks and see how this changes your schedule, cost or both.

Level resources

Know if a resource is overallocated and fix this easily with auto-leveling.

Sign up? Not needed!

Create or open local files with no sign up, or just sign in with your existing Google account to save your files to your Google Drive.
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